By Juliet Awino


Police have arrested 128 peolple linked to the ‘confirmed’ gang that has been terrorising Nakuru residents.

Accordjng to the Police, the presumed heads of the investigations have been found.

This comes after there has been increase on insecurity cases. Reports show that the ‘confirmed’ gang has been targeting women, raping , killing and burning down their bodies in Mawanga, Nakuru North.

In a press briefing, Risft-Valley Regional Commissioner Maalim Mohamed said that security officers have recovered 436 mobile phones, 77 assorted crude weapons, over 3,000 rolls of bang and sim cards.

The gang is linked to drug abuse and trafficking in Kivumbini and Bondeni estates .

As the search for the gang heads intensifies, the locals blame the gang for the rise on cases of insecurity. They also claim that some politicians have been funding and protecting the gang.

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