Fourteen people were confirmed dead, while thirteen others sustained serious injuries after a gruesome accident which occurred at Kakwamunyen on the Lodwar-Kakuma road on Saturday at around 10pm.

Eight women, three men, and three boys were among the confirmed dead.

Lemmy Njiru, the commander of the Turkana sub county police, stated that Mr. David Ekitela, the driver of the lorry carrying people and cargo, spotted a camel crossing the road from left to right and attempted to avoid hitting it, but lost control due to the weight of the vehicle..

“The truck crashed and came to rest in a tunnel on the right side of the road, causing death, injuries, and extensive damage to the truck.” sub county police commander said.


Those who sustained injuries were rushed to Lowdar County Referral Hospital. The bodies of those who died were taken to the hospital’s mortuary.

Turkana County Chief Officer for Preventive and Promotive Health, Peter Lomorukai said that the admitted patients are undergoing treatment.

Turkana North Sub County residents led by Dr. Gilchrist Lokoel, started that it was sad to lose more than ten people in an accident at the time when parents are taking back their children to school.

“Times have changed, cargos and people should be transported separately. Transportation of cargos and people in Turkana north Sub County should be considered to avoid deaths” Dr. Gilchrist said.

Mr. Njiru said that preparations were being made to pull out the vehicle, which was loaded with a variety of products, to the Lodwar Police Station for inspection.

February 6, 2023

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