Kitui Police are investigating the murder of Syengo Nyamai, a 17-year-old Mavindini Day Secondary School student who went missing for several days after winning the Ksh 200,000 lottery from Betika, was found murdered by unknown people and his body thrown in a bush a few kilometers from his rural home in Maliku area in Katulani District.

According to reports from his brother Mung’ithya Nyamai, the money that was won on February 26 at Wembley Stadium in this year’s match between Manchester United and Newcastle United was not disclosed to the family and the sim card line was registered using a neighbor’s National Identification Card.

“We were aware that he had a phone, but as he was not yet old enough to get a national ID card, we never tried to find out which ID number he used to register his mobile line,” Said Nyamai.

The victim was last seen going to school on February 27 after telling his mother that he needs to be transferred to a boarding school where he will assist with the payment of school fees without specifying where he will get the money.

His brother Nyamai added that they became concerned after he did not return home from school for two days and that it was not his abit after confirming that he had not reported to school, prompting them to report the matter to the area chief.

“It wasn’t in the boy’s nature to disappear without telling his parents, so we alerted the local chief that he was missing.” Added Nyamai.

According to reports, two of his friends with whom he spent the evening watching the game were arrested and detained by detectives at a local shopping center, where the Katulani DCI boss, Collins Karanja stated that police had received permission from the court to question the two suspects.

“We have very little information to share at this time because the investigations are just beginning, but we do have two suspects in custody and want to figure out what led to the murder,” Said the detective.

His body was discovered six days later, with his eyes removed, and a post-mortem performed at Kitui County Referral Hospital revealed that he had injuries to his head and his right hand was broken

March 15, 2023

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