Family members in Houston, Texas, are in mourning after a three-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed her four-year-old sister with a handgun while they were in their room.

The family members present at home, including their parents, were alerting to the incident when they heard a gunshot sound, ran to the room, and found the girl unresponsive.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the incident occurred on Sunday and involved an unprompted shooting in which the girl obtained a semi-automatic pistol, killing her sister.

“The three-year-old gained access to a loaded, semi-automatic pistol…It just seems like another tragic story of a child gaining access to a firearm and hurting someone else..,” Said, Ed Gonzalez.

The county sheriff went on to urge citizens to be cautious when handling firearms and to secure them in a safe place where children cannot reach them, describing this as being responsible.

“You must ensure that you are a responsible gun owner by storing your weapons in a secure location. It has to be more than simply telling young children not to touch the weapons,” he added.

March 14, 2023

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