ABSA Bank is one of the best banks in Kenya to get a car loan from. They finance the purchase of your car up to 95%. The repayment period is up to 72 months.

Below are the terms of the loan:

Financing a new car 

  • Up to 95% financing
  • Up to 72 months’ repayment period
  • One month repayment holiday
  • Credit card option of up to KES300,000
  • 100% insurance premium financing

Financing a second-hand car

  • Up to 75% financing
  • Up to 100% financing for selected car models
  • Up to 48 months’ repayment period
  • 100% insurance premium financing
  • Second-hand car model should not be older than 7 years

Car loan is important at this time because of the appreciation of the dollar. You can buy a car for Ksh 2 million today and after 3 months, the same will cost Ksh 4.5 million.

ABSA Bank Contacts
+254 (20) 3900000 (Landline)
+254 (722) 130120 (Mobile)
+254 (732) 130120 (Mobile)

Chat to Abby on WhatsApp:
+254 710 130000

Email us:absa.kenya@absa.africa


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February 27, 2024

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