Few days ago a blogger posted a video showing a house poorly in bad shape saying that the house belonged to willy Paul’s mother and that he was leaving there. The blogger explained in his video that the famous singer Willy Paul had abandoned his mother.

on seeing the post Willy Paul said that he had enough of this bloggers always bringing up his name just to gain views. He explained that his mother was actually sick and he doesn’t understand why the blogger would involve his mothers name to the public with false allegations.

“i think i’ve had enough manze.I’ve worked for this name saana.Nikiona how people use ny name for clout inaniweka tu huzuni…hakuna kitu imeniuma kama hii…yaani my mother is very sick alafu some clout chaser anakuja kumtaja kwa uwongo?”  he posted

The Award winning artist asked his fans to help locate that blogger. On seeing the post, the blogger by the name Zeddy went ahead and posted apologizing that he was sorry. He further explained why he came up with such a post accusing willy Paul of abandoning his mother.

“Hey,I’m zeddy paul the guy behind the trending video on willy Paul’s mother house. I would love to apologize for what i did. Willy has always been my idol…it has always been my dream to with him since my highschool days, I’ve done cover songs of his songs…..i never intended for this to happen….quick recovery to your mum, i am really sorry.’ he stated




February 9, 2023

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