The Azimio La Umoja coalition’s planned Thursday May 4, 2023 demonstrations were put on hold yesterday when one of their demands to the Kenya Kwanza coalition on the bipartisan discussion to remove Adan Keynan Wehliye, Member of Parliament for Eldas, was granted.

According to a statement issued to the media by the Minority Leader of the National Assembly, Opiyo Wandayi, it was willing to call off the planned demonstrations if Kenya Kwanza agreed to remove Mr. Keynan from the negotiation team, adding that it had given their seven-member team new instructions on the bipartisan talks.

“This evening, the leadership of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party met and agreed to once more suspend the mass protests that we had earlier scheduled to continue tomorrow. Instead of holding the protests, we have summoned our seven member delegation to the bipartisan committee for fresh instructions to inform further engagement with the Kenya Kwanza side,” read the statement.

The letter went on to applaud the protestors who had demonstrated their desire to support the anti-government movement, adding that they would return to the streets if the Kenya Kwanza coalition demonstrated a lack of good will and honesty.

“As a party, we express deep gratitude to all Kenyans who have participated in the demonstrations in defense of justice and democracy in our country. We also wish to reiterate that we will not hesitate to resume mass action at the slightest indication of lack of good will and honesty on Kenya Kwanza side,” Added Wandayi.

Kenya kwanza coalition stated that they have nominated Saku MP Dido Rasso, to be part of the bipartisan committee.


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