Bahati’s journey is the typical grass-to-grace story, as he was raised in a children’s home after losing his mother at a young age. Some of his income sources include his YouTube channel and lucrative endorsement deals.


Before meeting his current wife, Diana Marua, Bahati had a daughter, Mueni, with Yvette Obura. Despite separating from her mother, the celebrity tries his best to offer her an excellent education.


Mueni attends the Tender Care Junior Academy in Komarock, Nairobi. The school offers various activities, including martial arts classes, ballet and free french and computer classes. The singer’s other children attend the Juja Preparatory School, where their combined annual fee is over KSh 800,000. The former gospel singer Kevin Bahati is a man of means, affording him and his family the best things life has to offer.


Mueni initially attended the Juja Preparatory and Senior schools alongside her step-siblings. However, she was transferred, with Bahati saying Yvette had asked to spend more time with her hence she attended her current school Tender Care Junior Academy in Komarock, Nairobi.

The 7-year-old is in either grade one or two, where the annual school fee is over KSh 100,000. A breakdown of the fee structure indicates that some charges include KSh 2,000 caution money, KSh 2,500 for educational trips, and a termly book maintenance charge of KSh 2,500.


 Parents seeking to enrol their kids at the school pay a KSh 4,000 admission fee and must produce the child’s birth certificate.  The fee for the second term stand at KSh 24,550 and KSh 19,850 for the third term.   


May 23, 2023

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