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The British Broadcasting Corporation is set to lay off 1,000 staff and scrap off some traditional broadcast channels in an attempt of digitising.

The networking at creating a single a 24-hour television news channel serving the UK and abroad, absorbing BBC World.

The children’s channel CBBC BBC four and Radio 4 Extra will be shut down to become online only services, while many of the world service foreign language services would be digital only.

With an aim of “building a digital first public service media organization,” the BBC said it would “change in step with modern world world, giving audiences the content they want, in the way they want it.”

This move is in an attempt to keep up with the first changing world and embrace the shifting market as stated by BBC Director General Tim Davie.

” we need to evolve faster and embrace the huge shifts in the market around us,” he said.

BBC has owed to give further details in the coming months.

With the rapidly changing world, big corporations are on the move to counter the change, the small businesses not left behind.

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