The unique ingredient in Epic OneWater Brew, which is a beer, comes from recycled water collected from a rental building’s sinks, bathrooms, and machine washers.

The beer is intended to raise awareness of the subject of water scarcity and reuse. It is safe for consumption owing to a number of processing steps, such as microfiltration and UV radiation.

According to Aaron Tartakovsky, CEO and co-founder of Epic Cleantec, a water treatment firm with headquarters in San Francisco that collaborated with a local brewery to create the beer, buildings worldwide consume 14% of all potable water, and they are aiming to alter the fact that hardly any buildings recycle that water.

The beer, a Kölsch-style ale; a crisp, light-bodied brew with German origins, was created using recycled waste water from San Francisco’s Fifteen Fifty, a 40-story premium residential complex. However, it cannot be purchased because it is against the law to use recovered wastewater in commercialized beverages.

By installing its water recycling system in buildings, Epic Cleantec eliminates the need to drain wastewater into a sewer and send it to a distant treatment plant. As stated by the firm, the technology recycles up to 95% of graywater.

The recycling system that was put in place at Fifteen Fifty is able to reuse up to 2.75 million gallons of water annually, or 7,500 gallons per day.

Epic Cleantec launched their beer project in late 2022 in a bid to serve guests at a conference on sustainable construction technology.

August 2, 2023

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