Bio Digester is the best alternative to septic tank. Nowadays most people prefer bio digester to septic tank because it doesn’t have an odor. You will enter a compound and never realize there is one there. The cost of a bio digester is Ksh 90,000 to Ksh 250,000. But there are others which cost as much as Ksh 400,000 especially those serving more than 200 people.

A bio digester has three components, a manhole, The Bio digester Septic Tank and the soak pit.It’s cheaper to install and doesn’t need exhauster services.

Below are the prices of a bid digester in Kenya based on price:

  • 90,000 Kshs for 1 to 40 users
  • 180,000 Kshs for 40 to 100 users
  • 290,000 Ksh for 100 to 200 users
  • 400,000 Ksh for 200 to 300 users


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February 19, 2024

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