Tonight when your husband gets home give him a sweet hug ,ask him how his day was .
After taking off his jacket ,remove his shoes and socks then hold his hand gently to the bathroom .Switch on hot shower and take a bath together .After shower face one ,hug him from the shoulders and give him a deep kiss ! Massage his balls a little ,confirm that they were not used in the day.Do not try to have him inside you ,he is still tired .

Just a little soothing body massage then tie his clean white towel around his waist .Lead him to the bathroom and have his body enjoy some nice scented oil .Take him back to the dining table and serve him some sweet porridge and whisper to his ears ” I cooked your favourite dish again for dinner”.Remind him to eat well because of the World War II ahead.Call up the kids from their bedroom to come greet their dad ,serve them their food and let them sleep early .The son of his mama will still be in the sitting room picking his dental formula after a delicious meal.Look for a clean white bedsheet and spread your bed well.Go back to the sitting room and start caressing him romantically .

Touch him on every sensitive spot.Land on his chest and give him another kiss ,hug him with your legs .Look him straight in the eye and tell him ,” Babe I missed you today.I love you my King” .Undress him and get fully nude too.When he is busy having some milk from your boobs ,serve his balls some nice breathtaking touch.He should be getting harder .Journey heads to the bedroom straight.Open the server for him and let Rungu ya Nyayo do it’s work .Let him eat you up in haiste like fresh tilapia .Finish and cuddle .Switch off the lights and pray that some better looking mpango wa kando doesn’t use love portion on him some day.

April 30, 2023

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