MOST BEAUTIFUL KENYAN POLICE OFFICER.When you come across her adorable photos in police uniform on social media you will be quick to conclude that she is a product of connection. Come on who would want to leave out such a diva from the service. At least to have that one person they admire behind a desk every morning they show up at work.Emma Brenda Wanjiru is her name. The most beautiful female police officer in Kenya. A crown she earned through a popular online ranking.Emma was noticed in 2016, about 4 years after she joined the forces, but do we care to know her story before the fame! I guess yes.When Brenda Wanjiru finished her High School studies in 2008 she left her hometown Nyahururu to go pay her uncle a visit in Kiserian Kajiado County. This would be an ideal opportunity to meet her then boyfriend. What followed was a pregnancy which would later bear her a beautiful baby girl.She knew her mum would not approve of it so she fled with her boyfriend to Rongai where they rented a single room.The love of her life and father of her child would then turn wild. Turns and repeats of physical abuse and assualt which forced her to go back home when her daughter was 8 weeks old.Sooner than later, Brenda Wanjiru left for Nairobi to seek greener pastures and as fate would have it, she landed on a supermarket job in the city. She then got wind that she could try her luck with the armed forces.2012 was a slippery one for her as she finished 5th in a competition that needed only 4 ladies on the other side. She was sadly dropped but few days later she was happy to hear that one of the shortlisted candidates had been found pregnant and she had to take her place.18 months of training at Kiganjo police training college did lapse and there she was, in the best of her “Utumishi Kwa Kwa Wote”A strong and high spirited Kenyan lady whose parents were police officers but her dad seperated from her mum forcing her and siblings to be single parented. Wanjiru’s mum was 40 years when dad left home, I guess these unfortunate developments gave her more insights into what the future had for her.Today Brenda Wanjiru uses her social media platforms to educate and speak to the public on emerging topics and trends with positive impact to their lives.Brenda is also a skilled and talented karateka and fashionista. Her classy and appealing image on social media makes one want to see more and more of the beautiful Afande.

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