Ann Njambi, a 53-year-old businesswoman, was arrested and charged with assault, which occurred on April 1 after it is alleged that she poured a chemical substance on the face of her husband, Anthony Mwangi, at their home in Balozi estate in Muthaiga North, Nairobi.

According to reports, Mwangi was exiting the bathroom when the wife reportedly spilled the substance over his face, impairing his vision. She then attacked him with punches to the body and demanded money from him.

It is alleged that the two have co-owned a property in Kiambu County since 2017, which could be the cause of the confrontation, where Mwangi ran out of the balcony to call the police, who arrested Ms. Njambi and took her to Muthaiga police station, while Mwangi went to the hospital, where he was informed that he had been exposed to a poisonous chemical that had affected his skin.

Mwangi stated that his wife has been threatening him for the past three years, while she told the police that she was demanding the money for which he sold her car.

She denied the charges in front of Makadara Law Court Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti and was released on a Sh15,000 cash bail as the case will be mentioned on May 17 before the hearing begins on September 14.




April 14, 2023

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