Ceaser Kym, joins forces with fellow artist Manu Toxic releasing 'Reasons'

In the coastal rhythms of Mombasa, a rising sensation, Ceaser Kym, joins forces with fellow artist Manu Toxic to unveil a soul-stirring ballad titled “Reasons.” Beyond the enchanting melodies, this song is a lyrical voyage into the depths of love and connection, inspired by a unique encounter that unfolded a year ago.

Ceaser candidly reveals that the genesis of “Reasons” stems from a serendipitous meeting with a special woman. Intriguingly, the lyrics took shape while she was engrossed in her daily chores, blissfully unaware of Ceaser’s musical endeavors. His confession, “She doesn’t even know if I’m doing music…that’s the reason,” adds a genuine touch to the emotional narrative woven into the song.

Ceaser Kym, joins forces with fellow artist Manu Toxic releasing 'Reasons'

The collaboration with Manu Toxic brings additional layers of creativity to “Reasons,” with Drug Beats contributing the heartbeat of the track. Ceaser draws inspiration from the woman’s presence as he delves into the creative process, choosing the title ‘Reasons’ after reflecting on the profound connection he shares with her.

As the narrative unfolds, Ceaser recounts a year of sha red experiences and a gradual courtship that led to the woman spending a week at his place. The song becomes a testimony to the unpredictable nature of love, capturing the essence of their unique journey.

The creation of “Reasons” is marked by authenticity and spontaneity. Ceaser shares that the song took only a few hours to come to life, highlighting the raw emotions and unfiltered expression that define the track. In a vulnerable moment, he admits to writing the lyrics while the woman slept, adding a layer of intimacy to the composition.

Ceaser Kym, joins forces with fellow artist Manu Toxic releasing 'Reasons'

“I wouldn’t want to lie about the song,” Ceaser confesses, emphasizing the honesty embedded in the lyrics. “Generally, it’s about any lady out there who feels right for you.”

The lyrics delve into the profound question of why one chooses a particular person out of countless options. Ceaser encapsulates the woman’s character and unique charms, creating a universal ode to anyone who resonates with the experience of finding the right person.

In the world of music, where emotions find pure expression, “Reasons” stands as a testament to the unexpected beauty that blossoms from everyday moments. It’s more than a song; it’s a heartfelt journey into the intricacies of love, a melody that resonates with those who have found solace in the unpredictability of love.

As listeners immerse themselves in the soul-stirring notes of ‘Reasons,’ they embark on a musical voyage crafted from the heart. Ceaser’s ability to translate personal experiences into art creates a resonance that transcends boundaries, making ‘Reasons’ not just a song but an emotional exploration for anyone who has ever found comfort in love’s unpredictable embrace.


December 18, 2023

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