The famous comedian and content creator Timothy Kimani commonly known as Njugush is in shock after realising how good her wife Celestine Ndinda saves. He narrates that there was a time his wife signed in via his phone and forgot to sign out only for him to receive a statement from her bank confirming her statements.


He was mesmerised that she had all that money and she had never told him. He added that, that was the first time he noticed that women can save better than men because he knew the state they were in, being college students with no part time jobs.

Njugush tells us about how they managed their finances since their dating stage in the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication college where they first met, found love and the dating magic happened.


Celestine disclosed that she loved the fact that Njugush was funny, and happiness was her priority in a relationship, she believed in growing together financially. They also agreed that how a relationship starts and how a man treats a woman will determine the lady’s reaction when the two finally get married.

The bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Celestine Ndinda now a mother of two says she used to sell underware and earrings just so she could buy gifts for Njugush. “Nilikuwa nauza suruali na earrings nakam nakubuyia gifts so you didn’t know how much l had,” Njugush also mentioned that there are some people who get married for the wrong reasons just because they see someone has money or comes from a family that is rich.


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