By Juliet Awino

Photo of the slain woman and one of her children

A class eight boy has shocked villagers after killing his aunt and her three children, among them , an unborn child in Poroko village, Narok County.

The 17 year old student at Kipupu primary school is reported to have stabbed his aunt on the head, chest and other parts of the body killing her six-moths old unborn child.

The children where killed by strangulation through twisting of their heads and their bodies were left laid down side by side in a maize plantation far away from their home, in Poroko Hill.

Police say the teenager was serving a probationary sentence for stealing from her late aunt.

He had stolen a radio and utensils from his aunt though her aunt pleaded with the police not to jail him in fear of jeopardising her relationship with her relatives.

“It is shocking that this homestead will have to Bury four people because the hospit has confirmed that they will remove the unborn child and Bury it separately. This is a criminal act and we cannot describe it in any other words,” said Mr. Dominic Olonana, a resident.

Neighbours and close relatives have confirmed that the boy is a notorious criminal.

Close relatives say the boy alleged the he was stabbed with a sword after members of the public caught up with him.

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