There is storm over paradise as Obinna leaves Kiss 100 FM after joining the station one year ago .Obinna replaced Jalango who was pursuing his political ambitions .Turns out Kiss 100 FM has left the super hyped Kwambox a lonely lady .

The two top contenders looking forward to replace Obinna and join Kwambox are Butita and Nyakwar Akuku who are both stand up comedians and content creators . While the country is glad to have Akuku Danger back on his feet ,Butita has equally played key role in entertaining fans with his A Nurse Toto series which he airs on YouTube . The SPM Buzz Boss who currently lives a flamboyant life has his salary expectation set at Ksh 1 Million while Akuku Danger is comfortable with just half of Butita’s quote .Question is,who between the two will replace Obinna at Kiss FM ?

April 26, 2023

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