After a couple was discovered having sex at the altar on Tuesday, a group of believers in Uganda pledged never to step foot inside the church in the Kayunga District of the country. A 23-year-old married Catholic man and his recently divorced Muslim lover were allegedly spotted pants-down in the church by the man’s wife, who then alerted the neighborhood.

According to the head of the Bugonya Local Council (LC), George William Kanda, the two were taken into custody after a public outcry. Two items are being stored at the LC’s home as exhibits: the woman’s headpiece and the man’s T-shirt.

“A case does not rot. He will answer for his sin anytime he comes back,” said Kanda.

According to Kanda, after the incident, angry locals frog-marched the criminals to his office, but he later released them after bringing a promiscuity case against them. The man in question fled on Thursday, and it is still unknown where he is right now. The Bugonya Church of Uganda’s congregants are now requesting that church authorities arrange a cleansing ceremony to purify the land.

Following the occurrence, which they described as appalling and wicked, church authorities have subsequently ordered their followers to fast for an unspecified number of days.

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