Edward Morema Nyagechi, 63, and Grace Morena, 60, a couple whose death has shocked residents of Nyamakoroto village after they were discovered murdered in their home on Tuesday after being tortured and then killed.
The couple was discovered dead in separate locations, with Edward, a resident of the United States, found lying dead with his legs tied up with binding wire and a deep cut in his head, and his wife, who suffered the same fate, discovered in the bedroom with cuts around the neck.
The bodies were taken to Kisii Referral Hospital for postmortem examination to determine what caused the duo’s death by detectives from Kisii Police Station who arrived at the scene.
According to Masaba North Deputy Police Commander Robert Ndambiri, who confirmed the incident, the couple may have died as a result of excessive bleeding caused by deep cuts in their bodies, and believes they were captured, tortured before being killed.
“It appears that the culprits first kidnapped them, bound their hands, and then gagged their mouths to prevent them from calling out for help. We believe that the massive bleeding caused their demise,” he said.
He went on to say that two employees, a maid and a farm worker, have been detained and that they will assist in providing information as investigations to bring the criminals to justice are ongoing.

March 22, 2023

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