A man’s request for compensation after a condom he was wearing during intercourse reportedly ruptured has been denied by the High Court.


Williamson Omworo filed a lawsuit against Beta Healthcare International Limited, as well as the KRA and KEBS. He maintained that by labeling the shipment of Zoom Condoms with the quality seal of assurance, government bodies had failed to protect Kenyan customers.


The used condom he presented as evidence was rejected by the court, which claimed that obtaining the condoms was pointless because one could always find them in the trash cans of nightclubs. The court additionally pointed out that Omworo’s partner at the time of the condom’s supposed rupture had not provided a statement.


According to Justice L.N. Mugambi, it was neither shown that Omworo wore the rubber in the packets that were put forward on the material day nor that the condom that allegedly ruptured while being used by Omworo was in any of those packets.


Omworo stated that after using the poor-quality condom, he contracted an STI, which he claims was subsequently passed on to his spouse. He claims that if the condoms were of better quality, this would not have happened.


However, the court stated in its decision that Omworo is a man who had admitted to being married. Despite that, he claimed he had affairs with other women in numerous places across different counties.


“Can any court rely on the sole evidence of such Character without corroboration?”



August 11, 2023

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