In a targeted operation aimed at dismantling illegal fuel siphoning activities along Kangundo Road, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives conducted a raid on Thursday, resulting in the seizure of substantial quantities of siphoned fuel and various equipment used in the illicit trade.

Led by the DCI’s Operations Support Unit, the crackdown yielded the confiscation of a trailer, two fuel tankers, generators outfitted with hosepipes, funnels, 20-liter jerrycans, and multiple tanks containing unspecified volumes of siphoned fuel.

Acting on a tip-off from a concerned member of the public regarding notable spillage and the audacity with which the illicit business operated near a supermarket and an open-air market along KCC Road, the officers swiftly moved in on the concealed compound, shielded by a temporary iron sheet fence, as per the DCI’s statement on X.

However, the DCI encountered resistance from a well-organized criminal syndicate, which, alerted to the police presence through their informants, secured the premises from within, allowing ample time to escape through an underground route and avoid arrest.

Investigators suspect that the individuals who managed to flee are linked to the 41 individuals apprehended for engaging in illegal fuel trading at a siphoning site on Lunga Road in Makadara in April.

Preliminary investigations suggest a connection between the current operation and the April 12, 2024 raid behind a Shell petrol station off Lunga Road in Nairobi, where 41 suspects were detained and charged, only for the five tankers found at the scene to be later released through a court order, as per the DCI’s statement.

Expressing gratitude, the DCI extended appreciation to the public for providing actionable intelligence on the illegal siphoning site, acknowledging their vital role in preventing tragedies such as the fatal February 2 Embakasi gas explosion.

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