Kenyan musician Bahati and his wife, social media influencer Diana Marua, recently took to Instagram to share a lighthearted and amusing outfit change challenge. The couple has always been in the lime light because of a lot of things including Diana Marua recently engauging in the music industry.


This has resulted to millions of views on You Tube which was is obviously one of the platforms they get a good source of income from aside from what they do on a daily basis.



In a delightful twist, Bahati fearlessly donned one of Diana’s figurehugging bodycon dresses, resulting in a hilarious fashion moment that entertained their fans and followers.


The outfit change challenge, a popular trend on social media, involves couples swapping clothes and capturing their reactions. Bahati and Diana decided to join in on the fun and share their version of the challenge with their enthusiastic audience.



The dress, designed to accentuate curves and embrace a feminine silhouette, was a departure from Bahati’s usual attire, which typically consists of more traditional and masculine outfits. With good humour and an adventurous spirit, Bahati slipped into the bodycon dress, embracing the unexpected fashion choice.


The sight of Bahati, known for his music and charismatic stage presence, sporting the figure-hugging dress created a comical and light-hearted moment that left fans in stitches. Diana, the instigator of this playful fashion experiment, couldn’t contain her laughter as she witnessed her husband stepping out of his comfort zone.

May 30, 2023

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