YouTube personality Diana Bahati has divided the internet after she flagrantly took credit for all of Bahati’s success claiming to have been the figure behind the singer’s wealth and runaway accomplishments.

While in a YouTube session, the couple delved into the delicate matter of vasectomy with Bahati flatly refusing to undergo the controversial surgery.

Bahati, instead, questioned whether Diana actually loved him while challenging her to undergo a surgery herself in order to avert future pregnancies.

Miffed by Bahati’s proposals, and general questioning, Diana launched a tirade that saw her take credit for Bahati’s musical and even material success.

“After everything that I have done for you, can I tell you something? Do you know were it not for me, you would not be having this house? Were it not for me, you would not be having those kids. Were it not for me, you would not be having four cars packed out here,” Diana ranted.

While he keenly watched her speak, Bahati interrupted Diana and stated that it was through God’s grace that he acquired his wealth – and not by human intervention.

He also added that Diana should not take credit for God’s blessings and should not try to ride on God’s glory.

“I have God in me. God’s glory in me. God works through me, so, were it for me, you would not be where you are,” Diana sought to clarify.

Diana and Bahati are one of the most celebrated and successful couples across East Africa.

The former Gospel singer and his wife Diana live in a palatial mansion, own several SUVs and live an enviable lifestyle which they regularly broadcast on their top-grossing YouTube channels.


April 19, 2023

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