Operators of Ongata Rongai Matatus have expressed worry about a new form of extortion that is on the rise and targets drivers and conductors.

According to reports, the gangs are establishing themselves at several pickup and dropping locations and charging the drivers and conductors an extra payment.

One of the operators claimed that almost every stage in the city and Rongai is where the gangs are collecting the cash. He continued by saying that the 2022 general election was the cause for the rise in matatu insecurity.

On occasion, the gangs would assume the roles of conductors or stagehands to collect the money. Some drivers were under pressure to hand over a large amount of cash and if not, they risked being attacked and hurt.

”They seized me, forced me out of the vehicle, and then began to beat me. Five of them were pleading for money,” one of the drivers said.

Residents came to the driver’s rescue and transported him to the closest medical institution. He then went to a police station to file a report about the incident In Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County

The matatu drivers pleaded with the National Police Service to get involved right away out of concern for the passengers’ safety since the gangs might start attacking them.

Chairman of the Rongai Driver and Conductor Circus Joseph Wanjala urged the matatu SACCO management to work with the authorities to put an end to the gangs’ new technique of stealing.

“Police alone will not be able to completely eradicate the gangs, therefore Saccos should step in, since when the police leave, the gangs go back to their position and continue demanding for money” Mr. Joseph said.

This event and report have just emerged, following the statement made by interior cabinet secretary Kindiki Kithure during his press briefing claiming he had significantly decreased the city’s crime rate.

February 7, 2023

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