Below is a table showing the Entry Charges to Ngong Hills

Category Charges
Resident Adults KES 480
Non-Resident Adults KES 696
Resident Children KES 160
Non-Resident Children KES 160
Resident Children with School Uniform KES 60
Non-Resident Children with School Uniform KES 160

Activities at Ngong Hills and Charges

Category Charges
Ziplining KES 1,000 for 200 meters
Bike riding KES 500 for 3 hours
Archery KES 1,000 for 20 arrows
Picnic KES 200
Hiking KES 200
Video Shooting KES 2,500
Filming KES 40,000
Horse Riding for residents KES 6,550 per hour
Horse Riding for non-residents USD 70 per hour
Camping fees KES 1,000 per adult
Photography KES 1,160
Quad biking KES 1,000 for ten minutes


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February 15, 2024

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