Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has been arrested again after he was caught distributing maize flour to his supporters at city stadium in Nairobi

Days ago he was arrested protesting about the high cost of living in the country .He was later released on sh10000 cash bail after he pleaded not guilty to taking part in unlawful assembly.

Nairobi boss police Admason Bungei they are interrogating him and five more that were arrested with him.

Eric had invited his fans to come and collect a packet of maize flour  ahead of his planned demonstrations at state house next week.

“This Wednesday we meet at city stadium at 11am to 2pm as we share packet of Unga with everyone that intends to join us at the state house ,we are calling upon well wishers  to donate unga.”   he said.

he explained the reason he was donating is because many Kenyans were angry and that he had to do something about the situation

“Most Kenyans are hungry .I was just distributing this unga to needy cases. “he added..

March 1, 2023

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