A 13-year-old Jacob Nestor Kavai, a boy who stole the show during an Azimio la Umoja rally held in Vihiga in February 2022 is confirmed dead after ailing from acute pneumonia.

Nestor Kavai went viral after bracing a huge crowd, addressing politicians and supporters of the political coalition. He charmed the crowd by imitating Raila Odinga’s voice proclaiming that the ODM leader is going to be the 5th President of Kenya. He then went ahead to ask for money from Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, saying he was the breadwinner taking care of his ailing father and grandmother.

Sadly, Nestor Kavai was confirmed dead on March 21, 2023, after ailing from acute pneumonia. He had been hospitalized for two months but sadly lost the fight.

“It is true he died at just 13 of pneumonia. We are mourning as a family and anyone can support us. He has been sick for around two months and he passed on while receiving medication in the hospital,” Nestor Kavai’s uncle, John Kivai said.

Before falling sick, Kavai would walk around Chavakali, Mbale or Kisumu towns, and did not attend school. In these towns, he was famously known for entertaining the locals who gathered around him as he preached and prayed for them. Whatever little he got from the crowd, he took home to his ailing father.

“He loved preaching from a very young age, he always wanted to be a pastor, he always brought home what he received from well-wishers. He always spared the best for his grandmother and father,” his uncle recalls.



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