The hospital conducting the procedure announced that the first man to undergo a genetically modified pig kidney transplant has passed away two months after the operation.

Richard “Rick” Slayman, aged 62, battled end-stage kidney disease before the surgery in March.

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) stated there was no indication his death resulted from the transplant. While other attempts with genetically modified pig organs have failed, Slayman’s procedure was deemed a historic milestone.

Suffering from Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, Slayman had a human kidney transplant in 2018, which began failing after five years.

Following his pig kidney transplant on March 16, he no longer required dialysis. MGH expressed deep sadness at his sudden death and extended condolences to his family, hailing Slayman as a beacon of hope in advancing xenotransplantation.

His relatives described him as an inspiration, noting his dedication to providing hope for transplant patients worldwide.

Despite being the first pig kidney recipient, previous attempts at pig heart transplants were unsuccessful. Immune rejection, a common risk in transplants, was observed in one case.

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