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Kenyan comedian Erastus Ochieng elias Flaqo is set to launch a new show titled Saturday Dosage, which is set to air every Saturday at 7pm on youtube and Monday at 9am on Facebook.

This is a comeback after going away from the limelight to focus on his mental health.

Flaqo said he took a break from social media since he felt exhausted overtime from overworking backed up with negative comments from some of the fans which he ignored but it ended up overcoming him.

People would say things about me even when they didn’t know anything about me. Although I said I didn’t care, it actually affected me,” said Flaqo.

He added that he earned approximately 20
Million Kenya shillings from his comedy during the corona period even though his main aim wasn’t not to earn money.

“It hit me because that is not why I was doing art and the more the money the less you enjoy it because you try to fit it into your art and what it most likely does is that it takes away the artistic value and humour,he said

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