Like any other African countries, Zimbabwe is one of the countries with so many varieties of enticing foods. This country has a very rich and tasty culinary culture whose dishes stand out. For the ease of their preparation they tend to use high-quality raw materials. Zimbabwe people are also known to be meat lovers where by meat products predominates most of their diets. They prepare their meats in the simplest way possible which is frying or grilling them.

Another major ingredient in the diet of Zimbabwe people is sea food mostly fish which they cook on the grills and its eaten with rice or corn especially fresh water fish. The most striking of the Zimbabwe people cuisine is the result of a balanced combination of British and traditional Zimbabwean cuisine. Not left behind are vegetarian travelers will also find a variety of sub-tropical products and very high quality options.


This is a star food for the people of the country and it’s very essential for them. It is a type of bread prepared with corn flour. The mixture is molded using hands to form balls which can be cooked alone or using peanut butter. They are eaten accompanied by beef stew and covo.  COVO is a type of vegetable that resembles chard and is cooked with onion, garlic and peanut butter.


This is a dish that most tourists tend to reject and only a few are encouraged to try it. It is however considered a real delicacy. These are worms that are only found in trees of the same names.  They are prepared in different ways and can be eaten as stew, fried and crispy.


This is one of typical dishes of Zimbabwe based on meat. It is cooked with leaves of different vegetables or with beans and it has a delicious flavor and it is prepared very simple and is served with rice or sadza.


It is also known as ‘highland stew’ or ‘ high-fields stew’. This idea was born from one of the high districts of Zimbabwe, hence the name. It is a very popular and homemade dish that consists of a tasty stew of meat and green leaves.


This one is characterized by ernomous variety of flavors since it is prepared with a lot of different spices. The chicken is cooked in a rich tomato sauce and that’s how it acquires all the flavors and it mostly accompanied by rice.

October 3, 2023

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