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By Juliet Awino

Schools have sorted to rationing of food given to students due to the soaring cost of food prices in kenya.

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Food inflation has been on the rise forcing several schools to ration the amount of food given to students while others have been forced to change their diet to survive.

Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association chairman Kahi Indumuli said that with the current cost of most basic food items such as maize,sugar and beans, schools will face hard times feeding students.

“Schools had already made their budget but now with the increase in prices of food items, it means that we will have to adjust the budgets. This will be a tough exercise since there is restrictions on the amount that the school is allowed to charge parents, said Kahi.

Some schools have high pending bills with their suppliers as they have been forced to dig deep into their pockets to afford food for the students.

As school teachers complain about the high cost of food prices, other Kenyans also continue to face tough times adjusting to the high prices of food prices.

With the frustration that they have taken to social media overtime, food inflation continues. And with only 48 days to the general election date, people are looking forward to a better Kenya with a favourable economy to all sorts of citizens especially the common mwananchi.

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