Four masked gangsters stole items from Kiaragana shopping Center on Thursday at around 8:30 pm, prompting residents in Ndia, Kirinyaga County, to urge the government to step in.

Simon Maina, a victim of the occurrences, stated that the gangsters attacked him while carrying rifles and afterwards stole goods worth Ksh 200,000 before running away on foot.

“They were equipped with AK47 rifles at first, and I assumed they were plainclothes police officers, but then they assaulted me. I’ve been robbed twice, including this time,” Simon said.

One of the witnesses, Mary Gathigia, recalled how the suspects had them lie down before they broke in and stole the products. She continued, saying that when the gangsters despaired, they rushed to the police station to call the authorities.

“We were told to lie down before they ransacked Maina’s store. We were able to get away to the neighborhood bar, where we raised the alarm, and police from Baricho, Kibirigwi, and Kabonge immediately showed up,” She said.

Since the former local assistant chief retired seven months ago, locals are now pleading with Cabinet Secretary of Interior Kithure Kindiki to send another chief to the sub-location.

Detectives have started an investigation and they are now appealing to anyone with information about the robbery to come forward.

February 10, 2023

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