Police shot dead four people who attempted to invade Isabenia police station in Migori on 25 May 2023.The four were said to be in a convoy that was escorting the body of Mr. Moses Mwangi from St. Akidiva Mindira Mabera Hospital mortuary when they turned riotous and stormed the police station demanding answers for the recent spike of insecurity in the region. Moses Mwangi was killed by robbers a week ago.

According to the police report, the mob arrived with pangas and machetes that they used to destroy window panes and some of the offices at the station. They also had a pickup full of stones that they used to destroy the property.


The violent rioters attempted to torch the station and free the suspects that were in police custody. This prompted the police to open fire which resulted in the death of four people. Investigations ruled out that the attack was pre meditated.

Police were forced to use tear gas and fire blanks at the goons to disperse the defiant mob from the police station.

One police officer who was guarding the armory sustained injuries on the right eye and other bodily injuries after being beaten by the mob.


The bodies of the four suspects gunned down at the station were moved to St. Akidiva Mindira Mabera Hospital mortuary. The attack left a trail of destruction at the station.



May 26, 2023

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