Fred’s ranch is one of the best ranches in Kenya. If you want to go and spend a night or a couple of nights at the ranch, you will pay. Below we have listed the cost for accommodation at the ranch:

Honeymooners (Full Board) KSh16,000.00 Night.

Honeymooners (Half Board) KSh13,000.00 Night.

Honeymooners (Bed & Breakfast) KSh10,000.00 Night.

Child (Full Board) KSh5,500.00 Night.

Child (Half Board) KSh4,500.00 Night.

Child (Bed & Breakfast) KSh3,500.00 Night.

Child (Bed Only) KSh3,000.00 Night.

Double (Full Board) Ksh 13,900.00 Night

Double (Half Board) KSh10,900.00 Night

Double (Bed & Breakfast),KSh7,900.00 Night

Double (Bed Only)KSh6,500.00 Night

Single (Full Board) KSh8,200.00 Night

Single (Half Board) KSh6,700.00 Night

Single (Bed & Breakfast) KSh5,200.00 Night

Single (Bed Only) KSh4,500.00 Night

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February 24, 2024

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