A gay couple has been thrown into deep mourning after their baby who was born pre maturely, and equally overcame uncertain beginnings of his early life, died soon after his first birthday.

The surrogate baby Owen was parented by gay couple Justin Khoo and Leigh.

The death of Owen comes just a week after his first birthday from meningococcal disease.

The parents from Melbourne were super excited when Owen was born.

At 29 weeks unlike other mature babies, Owen was already in the world with merely 1.44Kg and diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity R. O. P, a condition of blindness from birth.

Little Owen was found unconscious in his cot on March 14th early hours. He was diagnosed with meningococcal, a deadly and contagious disease that can cause head and spine inflammation.

The child had a mild fever within the 48 hours before being admitted to hospital already suffering from sepsis. This would come as a shock to his parents.

Fingers had turned blue and shrunk as there was fear of amputation following inflammation of his head which caused multiple brain hermorrhages and clots.

Owen passed away on March 17th.

“As a result of the infection and aftermath of sepsis / inflammation to his tiny body, it ultimately caused severe brain damage, where Owen was not able to recover or sustain life with any treatment there on,” they wrote on instagram.

“Justin and I got to hold Owen right up until his last breath and I know he feels all the love from everyone who knew him, and we know that he is now at peace in Heaven” they added.

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