The ICT ministry wants to make the internet a more secure place so users can make use of social media without worrying about coming across inappropriate or hazardous content. In reaction to the rising instances of graphic material being posted on social networking platforms, especially TikTok, the government revealed plans to examine current regulations and regulatory frameworks.


The action was taken in response to mounting worries about TikTok users streaming live late at night to post sexual content. The cabinet secretary for information, communication, and the digital economy, Eliud Owalo, expressed grave alarm about this troubling trend and its potential effects on the younger generation.


Kenya has legislation in place, such as the Computer Misuse and Cyber Act, to prevent cyberbullying and child pornography. The Act imposes harsh sanctions on anybody who is caught disseminating actual photos of a youngster involved in explicit behavior or engaging in sexually explicit activity while knowing they are doing so. A sentence, a maximum of five years in prison, a penalty of up to Sh10 million, or both.


The objective is to safeguard the internet against the spread of pornographic material that could harm society, especially the most vulnerable members of it, such as children and teenagers.


CS Eliud Owalo stressed that the government is conscious of its obligation to figure out an equilibrium between upholding freedom of expression and shielding the populace from damaging content.


To enable prompt action against those who are breaking the law, the public is urged to report any occurrence of explicit content published on TikTok or other social networking channels to the appropriate authorities.


August 4, 2023

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