A tiny handbag that was less than 0.03 inches wide sold for more than $63,000 on Wednesday at an online auction. The neon yellowish-green bag, which is hardly perceptible to the human eye, is based on a well-known Louis Vuitton design; however, it was created by a New York art collective rather than the premium brand itself.

The Brooklyn-based organization Miscellaneous Mischief (MSCHF) claims its miniature design, which it calls a “Microscopic Handbag,” is small enough to fit through a needle’s eye and smaller than a grain of salt.

Two-photon polymerization, a production technique used to 3D-print tiny plastic components, was employed to create the item. It was sold with a microscope that had a digital display so that customers could see the bag.

More of the design can be seen in a promotional image, which also reveals Louis Vuitton’s recognizable “LV” monogram. The bag looks to be modeled on the French brand’s OnTheGo tote, which sells for between $3,100 and $4,300 in full size at the moment.

Pharrell Williams, an American singer, record producer, and designer, founded Joopiter, an online auction company, which was in charge of hosting the sale. Although Kevin Wiesner, the chief creative officer of MSCHF, previously informed the New York Times that the collective had not asked his or Louis Vuitton’s permission to utilize its trademark or design, Williams currently serves as the French fashion house’s creative director of menswear.

“Pharrell loves big hats, so we made him an incredibly small bag,” said Kevin Wiesner.

Since its inception in 2016, MSCHF has gained popularity for its “drops,” which are satirical art initiatives that frequently parody consumer capitalism while making money off of it. Nike sued the group over its “Satan Shoes,” a line of 666 modified Nike sneakers that featured satanic symbols and actual human blood droplets. Ultimately, a settlement was reached outside of court.

June 30, 2023

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