Beryl Wanga Itindi is in tears after being scammed by the boyfriend who lives abroad.The story goes like this:

“Baby, I need you to come but you will pay for your Visa and return air ticket, I will refund” This is where I choose to start this narration from.

I went and swiped my card and paid for everything. After all, what’s the point of being in a relationship if you don’t support each other? I am a real supporter when it comes to my relationships. Unfortunately this has changed because of my experiences 😅😅

Like most of Kenyans abroad always request when someone is travelling there, “Please bring me omena, traditional vegetables etc”. He told me, “Baby, when you come, please carry for me omena, maize flour, tilapia, traditional vegetables, braids…..” name them!

Since I am the very understanding human my parents brought up, I diligently shopped for him. He told me that he would refund me once I got there. You should have seen me running up and down Latema Road and River Road looking for braids. I don’t even make my hair and I don’t know the different types of braids but on that day, I knew braids have numbers and I had to understand the numbers 😅😅. He mentioned that he was getting the braids for his friends. The friends had requested after he told them that I was travelling.

I later ordered 4 gorogoros of omena fresh from my home. My aunty deepfried them so well. They looked yummy 😋. I bought fish. I think they were 14 pieces. Well deepfried by my aunty back at home. I also ordered two traditional chicken from home. Those cocks that are stronger than a Jeep and can outrun a Subaru. Eissssshh! Those people ran and ran and raaaaaaan and caught two very big jogoos, slaughtered them and roasted them well in readiness for a long flight! Also in my shopping were two types of traditional vegetables with Liseveve topping the list 👌👌. I bought lots of other stuff that he had requested me to buy.

I bought maize flour, I think it was 6kgs and chapati flour 4kgs. I can tell you that one suitcase was strictly for all the stuff he sent me to buy. My other suitcase had my stuff.

The day finally came and I boarded the plane to go see my baby. He came for me at the airport after the long flight.

Day one, we unpacked all the stuff. He started packing them in other smaller packages. When I asked, he said that he was sharing some with his friends. That was okay because sharing is caring anyway. He however left himself the biggest share which was also fine.

Now this is where the problem came in. All through my stay, he refused to buy any other food saying ‘there’s food in the house’. He would go to work every morning leaving me home alone. No tv, no radio. I survived on my phone 😅😅😅.

People, I ate omena and liseveve throughout my stay. Okay, 95% of my stay……..and it wasn’t a short stay! The food that I carried from Kenya was my breakfast, lunch and supper daily. The only other thing I ate was their porridge and noodles. It was either porridge, noodles or my omena and liseveve! One day I begged him to buy me a burger and wuuuuuueh……..he lectured me from here to Antananarivo!! “Are you a baby to ask me for a burger?” He refused 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I coiled myself, warmed my omena and liveve and ate with ugali. 😂😂. Let me clap for him though because he one day took me out for lunch. It was a really nice restaurant with very delicious food 👌👌. After a week of omena and liseveve, I requested him to take me to that restaurant again. His response “I had to part with a Ksh 5 thousand bill when I took you to that restaurant. What makes you think I have another 5k to spend?” I swallowed my craving, warmed my omena and liseveve and ate to my fill. He lived in one remote area and one had to really know the place to navigate. I couldn’t leave the house without him or without a means of transport. If I could, I would have left. On many ocassions, I thought of rescheduling my return flight and come back to Kenya earlier. But who would even take me to the airport if not him? Also, I didn’t want any drama. So I held on and went on a countdown to coming back to Kenya!

Every evening he came back home either boiling with anger after arguing with whoever at work or having a headache. Yaani I eat omena and liseveve the whole freaking day and still when you come back you are swollen like a territorially aggressive toad 🐸. Yet, my card kept swiping? In a foreign land! Eeeeeeeeh!

Also, the three times we left the house together and walked the streets, he walked three steps ahead from me. Three steps. I was always playing ‘catch up’ like a child following their mother in the market 🤣🤣

This story is hard to tell because it gets even harder as it goes.

Just know I was refunded nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Also, he asked me for a huge amount of money which he never refunded. He put me in a very bad place with my finances. I’ve not yet healed financially 😪😪. He gave me chwest pains! I forgave and forgot him.

I cried myself hoarse on my flight back to Kenya. I cried throughout the flight with short sleep breaks. I would sleep for about 30 minutes then wake up to cry. 🤣🤣🤣. The plane wasn’t fully booked, had lots of empty seats. I was moving from one seat to another having ‘crying moments’ 😅😅.

One Nigerian man on the plane approached me and starting talking to me. He started hitting on me. I told him “Go away! You men are thieves! You steal everything! From love to money!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣. He looked at me and did the looooong ‘Mscheeeeeeew”and walked away. 🤣🤣🤣

You know what…..all this while, I mean all these days when I was at my lowest in a foreign country, I was setting standards right here on Facebook. Giving you all pressure then going back to warm omena and liseveve that has travelled and slept for many days 🙊🙊. I was here making you all laugh your heads off 🤣🤣🤣.

Always remember that things are not always what they seem to be. Don’t be fooled by the good life you see online! You have no idea what’s on the ground.

Also, dear fellow Kenyan ladies and gentlemen, be veeerry careful about our fellows living abroad and hitting on you. Veeeeery careful. Especially if they think you are successful. I repeat, things are not always what they seem to be. I am not saying all of them have issues, not at all. In fact, most of them are just the bomb!! There’s however a small percentage that needs prayers and intercession 🙏🙏

I think one day I will open a YouTube channel because I want you to hear my tone as I tell you all this! I have a very calm tone 😅😅. I am not even feeling bad anymore 😅😅😅

But mine has been a very funny journey! I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren 🤣🤣🤣. I’ve also realized that I’ve been a very bad judge of character! I keep thinking everyone is a good person! Mscheeeeeeew 😅😅😅

But people, if you want to transport something internationally si you just use a courier company surely! Do I look like G4S or DHL to deliver your stuff internationally safe and sound? Including big fat roasted traditional chicken? And then you put me with omena nende liseveve that has slept and woken up forever! Ptho! I’ve left for you that dating field. I’ve washed my hands thu thu thu! Marry yourselves 🙌🙌😂😂😂😂


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February 29, 2024

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