Senators voted to remove Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda from office on Thursday evening. Monda was found guilty on all four counts, with 39 senators voting in favor of the charge of serious violations of the constitution and other laws.

Regarding the charge of abuse of office, 39 Senators voted yes, 3 voted to support him, and one did not vote, while 35 Senators found the DG guilty of misconduct, and only three voted to save him.

Monda also failed in the fourth charge, with 34 senators finding him guilty of committing a crime. Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale, who is also the leader of the majority, filed a motion to impeach Monda, saying that, although the allegations of the crime have not been fully proven, the deputy governor may have received a bribe.

Migori Senator Eddy Oketch lamented how millions of young people have the ability to work but are confused when they are asked for bribes. Special Senator Gloria Orwoba urged her colleagues to vote for the Deputy Governor instead of remaining undecided.

“When I looked at the evidence of two hundred thousand shillings being sent to the manager who was supposed to give work, I knew that was the sword that would sink the deputy governor. Orwoba said.

The Kisii County Assembly had voted to remove Deputy Governor Robert Monda from office, before presenting the motion to the senate to comply with the law. Monda now has the opportunity to go to Court to try to overturn the decision.

March 15, 2024

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