Reli Sacco is one of the best Saccos in Kenya.If you want to become a member,below are the requirements:

How to be a Member

Reli Sacco Membership is open to the Public. Anyone can be a member.

How to Join

  • Fill the all the required parts of Membership form
  • Provide a copy of your ID/Passport
  • Provide a colored passport sized photo
  • Provide a copy of your KRA pin certificate
  • Make an initial contribution of KShs. 1000 which is a non-refundable Membership registration fee.
  • The Monthly contribution for membership maintenance is a minimum of KShs. 1,000 for Pensioners paying through KRSBS and KShs. 3,000 for other members.
  • State the manner in which your subsequent monthly contributions will be paid. I.e. Check-off systems for those in employments and Pension Schemes, or cash, bank, mobile money systems for those in business.

How to withdraw from Membership

  • Member must ensure that they fill the withdrawal from giving 60 days notice period.
  • Member must ensure that they have paid all their loans.
  • Member must ensure that they have no pending guarantorship. All guarantorship must be replaced before the withdrawal is accepted.


1. Holiday Savings

Holiday Savings makes your holiday planning that much easier. RELI’s Holiday Savings account allows you to set aside money each month so that when the time comes you can actually relax.

Requirements for opening a HOLIDAY Account include; 2 coloured Passport Size Photographs, Original and a photocopy of the National Identity Card, completed account opening form.

Benefits & Features
» No minimum deposit to open this account
» Competitive rate of interest
» Maturity time is on 15th December
» withdrawable after 2 months notice


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February 22, 2024

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