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Depression is amongst the highest causes of death in the world aside cancer. Depression is a mental health condition that is caused by elevation or lowering of a person’s mood .

As world depression day comes ahead on 12th June, we still push the theme of talking out and sharing our feeling with others.

Depression can occur due to:

-Family history

-Illness and health issues


-Medication, drugs and alcohol

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Depression could be treated through the following means:

-Therapy which includes cognitive behaviour therapy, Behavioural therapy and psychology

-Medication which includes Antidepressants, Anxiolytic and Antipsychotic.

-Medical procedure which includes electroconvulsive therapy.

Research suggests that the treatments may lead to changes in the brain and thus non medical methods are advised.

Exercises helps a lot in decreasing depression and anxiety. Physical exercises help increase moods and reduce anxiety.

It is advisable to avoid alcohol and drug abuse. Trying soething new, engaging in fun activities and avoiding negative thoughts goes a long way.

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