There are a number of Saccos in Kenya you can join but we have selected a few of them which are the best. If you want to join any of them, we have indicated membership requirements.

Below is how to become a member of various Saccos in Kenya.

—–Stima Sacco


Category Registration Ksh Share Capital Ksh Min. Monthly Savings Kshs
Imara (employees under check – off) 500 25,000 1000
Meridian (individual employees) 500 25,000 1000
Business persons 500 25,000 500
Group 500 25,000 5,000
Diaspora 500 25,000 1,000
Corporate 500 50,000 10,000

N/B: Upon successful completion of membership registration, 3 mandatory accounts are created;

  • Prime Account – Transactional/Current Account
  • Alpha Deposit – Non-withdrawable Savings Account which is also Multiplier Account for loans
  • Share Capital- Amount of shares available 

Individual membership requirements

Membership Registration Documents required

1. Complete membership application form and attach:
2. Copy of National Identity card/Passport.
3. Recent Photo.
4. Copy of KRA PIN Certificate.

Joint Membership Requirement

To join the Sacco one needs to;

  1. Complete Membership Application Form 
  2. Attach copy of Kenyan National Identity Card or Valid Kenyan Passport for both applicants.
  3. Attach coloured passport size photograph for both applicants.
  4. Copy of KRA PIN Numbers

Group membership requirements

This includes;Chamas, Self-help Groups etc of atleast 4 members. To join the Sacco one needs to;

1. Complete corporate membership application form and attach:
2. Photocopy of registration certificate.
3. Minutes of the group’s meeting resolving to join Stima Sacco.
4. Constitution of the group.
5. Copies of National identification cards, KRA PIN, and photos of authorized signatories.
6. List of group members.

Corporate membership requirements

To join the sacco as a corporate, you will need:

1.Complete Corporate Membership application form and attach:
2. Directors’ resolution to open the account.
3. Copy of certificate of incorporation.
4. ID/passport copies, and photos of signatories.
5. Memorandum and Articles of association.
6. Photocopy of KRA Corporate PIN Certificate.

—-Harambee Sacco

How to Join Harambee Sacco

  1. You can fill the hardcopy membership form available at any of Harambee Sacco FOSA Branches and on the website under the downloads menu.
  2. Attach the requisite documents (Membership Requirements)
  3. Deliver the filled application forms plus the required documents to the SACCO through Post Office, physical delivery at the SACCO Reception desk, Customer Service Points at the FOSA branches, through Harambee Pesa agents, our Business Development Executives (BDEs) or through e-mail (
  4. Pay the set membership fees at the time of application. (Kshs. 1,000). You can pay this amount using our paybill number 525200 with your ID as the account number. You can also deposit the funds at the FOSA or through our Harambee Pesa Agents.
  5. Your membership application form will be verified and registered in the system upon which a membership number is generated and sent to you.


  • Every applicant for membership must also be a member of the sink fund or Loan Protection Program and must therefore be willing to pay Kshs. 300 per month
  • Every member shall be required to pay the prescribed share capital of Kshs. 30,000. A member should not worry about paying share capital as the Society allows members to pay in instalments until they meet their share capital requirement. It’s these shares that give you an ownership stake.
  • A member shall be issued a copy of the By-laws upon request after paying the prescribed fees.
  • The member shall have access to a digital share certificate upon attainment of the requisite shares.

—–Safaricom Sacco

Safaricom Sacco membership is open to employees of SAFARICOM LTD, Spouses of Members, and Children above 18 years, Individuals introduced by Sacco members and employees of other corporates admitted as per the Membership policy. We currently are servicing membership from over 100 corporates.

Alpha Membership

Individual members (Alpha Membership) are eligible to patronize loan facilities after Six (6) months of consistent savings in the Back Office Services Activity (BOSA) Section and Group/Omega membership are eligible for the facility after patronizing Front Office Services Activity (FOSA) section for the same period


  • Membership fees is Kshs.1,000. This is deducted from the Salary with the first deduction or pay at the point of registration.
  • Minimum monthly deposit contribution is Kshs 3,000.00.
  • Minimum Share Capital is 400 shares equity @ Kshs.100 equal to Kshs.40,000 (To pay within 12 months year or equivalent to Kshs. 3,334 per month).


  • Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)report shall be generated to confirm membership eligibility.
  • Qualification for a loan is after 6 Months of consistent saving for long term loans & short term loans 3 months.
  • Monthly Contributions acceptable through any mode of payment i.e. Standing Orders, Payroll Deductions from employer, Cheques, Over the counter deposits & M-Pesa


  • Membership Fee: Kshs.2,000.
  • FOSA Monthly minimum deposit: Kshs.5,000.
  • Minimum account balance: Ksh.5,000.
  • Minimum Shareholding :Ksh.20,000.
  • Loan eligibility upto Ksh.3M for ONLY registered Companies.


  • Membership Fee: Kshs.2,000.
  • FOSA Monthly minimum deposit: Kshs.5,000.
  • Minimum account balance: Ksh.5,000.
  • Minimum Shareholding : Ksh. 1,000.
  • Loan eligibility upto Ksh.3M for ONLY registered SME

Sacco Exit
Should a member wish to withdraw from the Sacco the exit procedure is as below:

  • Fill in an exit withdrawal form
  • If you are a member withdrawing from the society and have guaranteed , the guarantor should find an alternative guarantor replacement
  • Deposits refunded within 60 days
  • Member may opt to retain shares or sell/transfer to an existing member.


  • Membership Fee: Kshs.2,000.
  • FOSA Monthly minimum deposit: Kshs.5,000.
  • To raise 20% deposit in case of loan request
  • Minimum Shareholding :Kshs. 10,000
  • Loan eligibility upto Ksh.3M for ONLY registered Chamaz / Investment Groups

—–Kenya Polices Sacco

Membership Requirements

Kenya Polices Sacco Membership is open to all. An individual is eligible for membership if he/she is in the possession of the following qualifications: –

  • Active and retired Regular and Administration police officers
  • All civil servants and salaried employees
  • Business community
  • Spouse or child of any of the above who must be 18 years of age and above

The following documents are required:

  • A fully filled membership application form
  • Copy of the National Identity Card (Both sides)
  • Two recent color passport size photographs.

Membership withdrawal

Membership withdrawal is voluntary and one needs to inform the Sacco in writing of his/her intention to withdraw. This is done by providing a written and signed letter and filled withdrawal forms available at our offices. The process takes 60 days after the letter has been acknowledged and only when the necessary requirements have been met i.e. member must have cleared all his/her liabilities with the Sacco and has replaced all the members he/she has guaranteed.

——Sheria Sacco

Membership Requirements

Applicants who are 18yrs and above and have an income are required to have the following;

  • A duly filled membership application form
  • A copy of the National ID /Passport
  • A duly filled Nominee card
  • One (1) passport sized photos
  • Kshs. 1, 700/= entrance fees

Who can join

  • Past and present employees of
    1. Judiciary
    2. Office of the Attorney General
    3. Government ministries and departments
    4. Sheria Sacco society limited and all its projects and subsidiaries
    5. Kenya School of law
    6. All universities
    7. Law Society of Kenya
    8. Non-Governmental Organizations

Quasi government institutions under the office of the Attorney General and Judiciary

  • A member’s Spouse or a member of his/her immediate family
  • Advocates of the High Court of Kenya.
  • Students of the Kenya School of Law
  • Certified Public Secretaries
  • Approved business entrepreneurs and institution
  • Any other person employed by an organization registered in Kenya and capable of making regular contribution to the society and fulfil loan repayment requirements.

How to join

  01

Check whether you have met the requirements

A filled membership application form
A copy of National ID /Passport.
A filled Nominee card
Two (2) passport size photos
Kshs. 1, 700/= entrance fees;
Sacco Registration: Kshs. 1,000
FOSA Account opening: Kshs. 500
Burial Benevolent Fund registration: Kshs. 200

  02

Fill the Membership Application Form

Scroll to the bottom and click “Apply Now” to download the form.

  03

That’s it! Wait for our team to contact you.

——-Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco

How do I qualify to become a member of the SACCO?

You must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a Kenyan over 18 years old, in gainful employment and residing in the United States of America (USA)
  2. Have a valid Kenyan Passport or a Kenyan National ID
  3. Provide a colored passport size photograph
  4. Provide information for a designated next of Kin (nominee) who resides in the United States or in Kenya
  5. Pay a one-time non-refundable membership fee of Kenya Shillings (KES) 10,000
  6. Purchase a minimum of five (5) shares @ (KES) 1,000 each upon joining the Sacco. Owning shares makes you a bona-fide member of the Sacco.
  7. Contribute a minimum of (KES) 10,000 to your Sacco Main Savings Account everytime. The more you contribute, the higher the amount you can borrow through the Sacco.
  8. If you wish to take a loan after the required 6 months of regular contribution and depending on the type of loan, you will be eligible to borrow upto four times (4x) the amount you have in your Sacco Main Savings Account.

——KUSCCO Sacco Ltd

Membership Requirements

a) The membership of the Union shall consist of:-
 i. Registered Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOs)

b) A registered SACCO desiring to become a member of the Union shall make an application for membership by submitting to the Directors:-
i. A certified copy of the resolution passed at a Delegates Meeting of the society authorizing the application for the Union membership.
ii. Payment for at least one hundred Union shares, each worth Kshs 100
iii. A nominal fee of Ksh. 1000/- as membership fee
iv. A certified copy of the Registration Certificate

c) All applications for Union membership shall be approved by the Union’s Delegates Meeting.

—-Hazina Sacco



The following persons, institutions or groups are eligible for membership:

  1. National Government ministries and parastatals
  2. County employees
  3. Private sector
  4. Organized groups e.g. youth groups, women groups etc
  5. Immediate family of an existing member

Principles guiding our business:

The society membership shall continue to be guided by the following co-operative principles:

  1. Voluntary and open membership
  2. Democratic member control additional principle
  3. Economic participation by the members
  4. Autonomy and independence
  5. Education, training and information
  6. Co-operation among co-operatives and
  7. Concern for community in general

Membership Application :

Application for membership is on a prescribed application form which should be filled and forwarded to the Office for consideration. Members whose applications are successful are sent an acknowledgement and deduction effected in the Payroll immediately. Employers are required to introduce their employees who wish to join the SACCO and commit themselves to deduct and remit all the Societys dues through the Check-off System.

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