The strong SUN has been witnessed in different parts of the country to the point of making people afraid to go outside, but they are forced only to find a livelihood.

Those living in tin houses all over are in for a tough time with the forecast showing temperatures will soar to 39 degrees this week. The Department of Meteorology has told Kenyans that the situation will continue this week in the following areas: Nairobi, Embu, Meru, Kiambu and Muranga will be as hot as 38 degrees Celsius. Areas that are accustomed to summer such as Turkana and Samburu will be overwhelmed by temperatures of up to 39 degrees Celsius.

The weather forecast released by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) shows that eastern Kenya will receive maximum sunshine during March and May. But, isn’t this the time when the country witnesses the rainy season? In recent years, climate change has greatly affected the usual seasons.

How should Kenyans cope with the heat?

Climate scientist and Lecturer at the University of Nairobi, Dr. Cromwel Lukorito advises citizens to make sure they drink enough water to maintain health. Similarly, a call has been given to Kenyans to carry umbrellas to keep in their pockets ready to take out to protect themselves from the hot sun as well as to wear light clothes. Another way to protect yourself is to seek shade and if you must work in the sun, you are advised to wear a hat and light clothing that covers your arms and legs.

 The Liaison Group Insurance Company has mentioned that Children are at high risk of being affected by the sun. Caregivers and parents are directed to follow the precautions given to protect children who like to play outside in the hot sun. Too much sunlight is dangerous to health The strong rays of the sun can damage the nerves that connect the tissues of the body.

In addition, it also destroys vitamin A in the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. Similarly, the hot sun causes eye disease (cataracts) and aggravates the severity of diseases caused by viruses. Sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D but it can bring the risk of cancer. So getting the right amount of sunlight is very important.

March 8, 2024

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