Mumias East MP Peter Salasya vowed not to apologize to Bomet woman representative Hon. Linet Chepkorir after allegedly bashed her following her previous remarks on ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The Lawmaker has claimed that Speaker Gladys Shollei banned him from speaking in the National Assembly for allegedly abusing Linet Chepkorir Toto.

“This evening after meeting with Deputy Speaker Shollei in the corridors of parliament, she told me that if I don’t apologize to Toto then she will not allow me to speak in parliament,” Peter Salasya said.

This happened when Peter Salasya threatened to impregnate Linet Toto over her remarks about Raila Odinga on Sunday during an Azimio rally in Busia.

“Alafu wale vijana vidogo ambao wanatusi Baba, kuna kengine kalichaguliwa kama hakana pesa kama peter Salasya  kanaitwa Toto. Kanaongea ati kwa Baba, ntakaweka mimba huko next week,” Salasya said.

It is known by the youthful lawmakers, that anybody who abuses the former prime minister should be ready to encounter the weight of Raila’s foot soldiers.

“Deputy speaker Gladys Shollei, I wount apologise to Linet Chepkorir. Whatsoever the moment you start t attack our political father, Raila Odinga, you rattle us and invite muddy politics. She must accept critism in the same weight or bigger when she crosses our lanes,” Peter Salasya added.s



February 16, 2023

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