Two people have been arrested after they were found in possession of donkey meat and skins in Ndeiya  Limuru, Kiambu County.

The two suspect’s wer4e caught red handed as they transported the meat to Burma market in Nairobi and other locations within the city.

The owner of the farm Joseph Mwaura where the slaughtering was happening had reported to the police years back with no response from the police. He is now calling upon public health to intervene.

Neighbors had also expressed their concern over the rise of donkey theft in the area. Kiambu county Commissioner assured the residents that he would have the multi-agency inspect all butcheries to ensure meat consumed by the public was safe.

The pair was arrested after a multi-agency team raided a five-acre forest in Ndeiya where the suspects are alleged to have been slaughtering the animals, under unhygienic conditions, before selling their meat to nearby meat outlets.

Police believe that more than 100 donkeys are slaughtered inside the forest every night.  They added that the recovered donkey skins had been lined up for exporting by the suspects.


February 23, 2023

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