Impeachment Trial Against Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Linturi Begins Amid Safety Concerns

Today marks the beginning of the impeachment trial for Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi, setting the stage for a parliamentary showdown in Kenya.

Bumula MP Jack Wamboka, the initiator of the motion, has raised alarm over threats to his life as the 10-member committee of the National Assembly assembles to deliberate on the case.

Chaired by Marsabit Woman Rep Naomi Waqo, the committee grapples with the task of evaluating accusations against the CS while addressing security apprehensions raised by the MP and preliminary objections from the CS’s legal team.

During the pre-trial hearing, Wamboka expressed unease about his safety, citing instances of being surveilled by unidentified individuals.

Despite these challenges, he remains steadfast, stressing the imperative of safeguarding Kenya’s integrity and advocating for measures to protect lawmakers spearheading such motions.

With tight deadlines looming, the committee endeavors to submit its report by the subsequent Monday’s special sitting called by Speaker Moses Wetang’ula.

The hearings are scheduled to span three consecutive days, with the committee planning to convene on Friday to draft its conclusions.

Represented by Senior Counsel John Khaminwa, Wamboka aims to substantiate his case against Linturi, relying on testimony from eight witnesses, including farmers and experts.

He underscores the significance of documents signed by Agriculture Principal Secretary Paul Rono as crucial evidence and calls for Rono’s summoning for interrogation by the committee.

Additionally, Wamboka seeks testimony from the chief operating officer of KEL Chemicals to bolster his claims.


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