Petty and ignorant is anyone out there who thinks that it’s not in good faith that Calif Records Co-Founder and Producer Clemmo doesn’t deserve a penny from the 1 Million settlement of the controversial ‘WE KAMU” song sang by Nonini.

Did you know that for Nonini to win the copyright infringement case he must have presented what we call a COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE in court? Now taking you back to how this certificate is generated by the Kenya Copyright Board (K.E.C.O.B.O).

One must be able to present a legitimate original audio of their music and not just that alone, the most important document is a split sheet which shows the percentage of distribution of royalties of the song. Two persons who cannot miss out in a split sheet of a song is the Singer and the Producer who many at times is the composer. Remember the sheet must be duly signed and the music mp3 must not be altered. This ideally means Clemmo is the creator of the tune that was violated or unlawfully used.


Common sense has it that once this document was presented in court as proof of ownership of Intellectual Property then its obvious Clemmo had to be enjoined in the case as an interested party. Either with his knowledge or without. So Clemmo was seated in his living room sipping a glass of juice following up on the case knowing very well his cut had to come home.


There are special rights Music Producers enjoy and this includes enjoying instrumental rights. In short there is no way Nonini was winning that case without the involvement of Producer Clemmo. Nonini is therefore forced to have Clemmo have a share of the 1 Million settlement proceeds. If not Clemmo will open a new case accusing Nonini of another copyright offence and this may equally be tragic if Nonini doesn’t win the case.


April 20, 2023

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