Yes,CashNow is available in UAE.


The CashNow product allows you to buy on credit goods or services offered in-store by participating merchants. [In order to apply for the CashNow product, you must have a PayBy Account with PayBy Technology Projects LLC ( PayBy ). If you do not have an existing PayBy Account, we will instruct PayBy to register one for you.] You must also demonstrate that you continue to satisfy our Account eligibility requirements by providing correct and up to date information.  

To be eligible for the CashNow product, you must:

•                Age: be at least 18 years of age or higher based on the age of majority in your jurisdiction.

•                Location: be a resident of The United Arab Emirates (the UAE ).

•                Amounts outstanding: not owe us, including as a result of entering into this Agreement, more than AED 5,000.


Once we have approved your application, we will fund your PayBy Account or Bank Account with the amount of the credit. You will then need to pay us back, on the terms set out above, by sending the money to CashNow directly or crediting your PayBy Account with the required instalment amounts. If you authorize PayBy to auto-deduct from your PayBy Account, we will collect the payment automatically from PayBy. If you choose auto-deduct you must ensure that on each instalment payment date, there are sufficient funds in your PayBy Account to fulfil your obligations. If you opt for manual repayment, you will need to manually credit your PayBy Account with the requisite funds on or before the payment date using the online repayment process.

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January 20, 2024

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