DOCTORS are warning that there is an increase in the infection of respiratory diseases while some health professionals associate it with the return of Covid-19.

The data to monitor the infection of the SARS-Cov-2 virus (coronavirus) of the samples taken from the lake region in the country show that Kenya is experiencing an increase in the infection of the Omicron type of corona, called JN.1 as well as the flu virus. of H1N1 (sometimes called swine flu). The JN.1 strain of the virus is listed by the World Health Organization as alarming, and was first reported in August 2023, in Iceland and Luxembourg. Since then, studies on this type of virus have shown that it is different from other types of Covid-19 and is often detected among travelers and in sewage.

According to Dr. Shem Otoi, an expert in identifying how Covid-19 is spread, the current increase in infection is not surprising because it has always existed. Dr. Otoi says that for some time, they have discovered that many types of viruses that have ended, such as Omicron, Alpha and Delta, are replaced by a similar type or a completely new type after every six months.

According to Dr. Ahmed Kalebi, who is an independent pathologist, there has been an increase in respiratory diseases in the country in the last two weeks and many people have symptoms of flu such as cough, sore throat, chest pain and discharge from the nose. He explained that although the Ministry of Health does not measure or monitor on a large scale, there is a possibility that some Kenyans are testing themselves at home using self-testing equipment. However, he said the exact number of infections may not be known.

March 21, 2024

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